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Your product or brand gets incorporated into a video in the voice and style of the influencer and then distributed to their fan audience (your target customers).

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Q: Does Channel Pages charge a fee for this service?

A: No. The deal is 100% between you and the YouTube channel(s) you choose to work with. Channel Pages doesn’t currently charge any fees.

Q: So what’s the catch? How does Channel Pages make money?

A: Our goal is to build a vibrant creator/audience marketplace that gets marketers great results while also bringing more money into the YouTube/online video ecosystem. Our parent company (FanBridge) is a successful Audience CRM platform, which enables us to offer Channel Pages without charge.

Q: Even though Channel Pages is totally free, can’t I just find these YouTube influencers on my own?

A: Good luck. The search box on YouTube is consumer search, it isn’t made for doing searches like “Show me all the Beauty channels who film in Los Angeles, have large amounts of 13 to 17 year old female viewers in the UK, get 50,000 to 100,000 views per video and are open to paid product integration.” And even if you come across channels you want to work with, less than 10% of YouTube channels list their contact info (and even less respond to inbuilt YouTube messaging). Channel Pages solves all of those issues.

Q: What makes a “good” offer? What’s the right “incentive” to offer?

A: Our rule of thumb is that you need to create offers for YouTubers/channels that you think they would get excited about. 100% affiliate deals, and free merchandise can be exciting, but often not nearly as exciting as guaranteed lump sum payments for investing their time, energy & audience (making videos isn’t free for these guys!) Ultimately, it’s not about saving a bunch of money to make/distribute videos, it’s about amplifying the relevance, reach & performance of your video/ad dollars by having the pros contribute their creativity/ideas, production resources & valuable audience.

Q: Do bigger YouTubers/channels require bigger incentives?

A: Typically, yes. If you think about it, a channel with 50 million fans is likely to expect more incentive than a channel with 500. That doesn’t mean that the guy with 500 fans can’t also make you a great video, and will expect an incentive that makes it worth it for them, but it does mean that if you’re expecting to distribute to a much larger audience (which can be decided by you and the channel) than the incentive will likely need to scale as the reach scales.

Q: Can I use the videos that get created for my own channel/marketing materials, ads, etc.?

A: The majority of the time yes, but it depends on the specific deal you work out with the YouTuber. You should always ask first to make sure both parties are on the same page.

Q: What does Channel Pages show me about a channel that I can’t find on my own?

A: First, Channel Pages gives you an interface that makes it easy to search for channels by content topic, size of channel, and other filters, which is currently unavailable on YouTube natively. On top of the search interface, for each channel, you can see the top countries of that channel’s viewers, channel viewer demographics (which is searchable exclusively through Channel Pages), and computed stats such as average views/likes/shares per video. Plus, even though we don’t show it on the interface, we have verified contact info for every channel to make sure your messages are going to an inbox that actually gets checked.

All of the channel video and demographic info comes directly from YouTube via the official API, so we can verify that it is accurate and not manipulated.

Q: Should I just look for the biggest channels?

A: If your message is intended for a targeted audience, you’ll want to find the channel who has built up a large viewer base of that specific audience and not just a large number of subscribers with varying interests and demographics. This ensures that you are working with a content creator that is seen as an influencer among your core potential customer base and understands how to communicate effectively with that community.

Q: Why sponsor YouTube channels/influencers directly, instead of just using paid pre-roll or banner advertising to reach my target audience?

A: Partnering with YouTube influencers directly means leveraging their knowledge of how to make content optimized for the YouTube platform that resonates with your target audience. Plus, your message will be directly integrated into the story/content that their audience (ie. your target customers) wants to watch, as opposed to your ad just being a barrier to the content they really want to engage with.

These viewers (aka potential customers for you) are the exact people you are trying to reach, and they actively watch, rewatch, and share videos from their favorite channels. That’s a whole lot of engagement (and much deeper authenticity & credibility) for your message when compared to a pre-roll or banner ad. Lastly, if the video works really well, you can always amplify its reach through pre-roll and banner advertising, but there is no better way to align your brand/products with YouTube viewers than collaborating with YouTube influencers directly.

Q: How much do YouTubers/channels charge?

A: It totally depends on what you are looking for. Things like dedicated videos vs product integration, channel size, audience demographics and more can influence the cost of working with a YouTuber. And of course, payment structure can vary (options include flat fee arrangements, cost per view the video receives, revenue shares and more). Again, the deal is completely between you and the YouTube channel to figure out (with Channel Pages being totally free to use).

Q: So what’s next? How do I get started?

A: Awesome. To get started, post an offer that describes what you are looking for, and then choose the types of channels that you want to be able to see the offer. Then sit back, let YouTube channels apply to work with you through the offer, pick the one(s) you want to work with, and you’re off and running!

Still have more questions? See our full FAQs or contact us here.

Ready to see which influencers are interested in growing your brand?